5 Resources that I have used to attain AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

Throughout my career so far, I was focusing on Routing & Switching, Wireless and Security and I had limited focus on cloud technologies. However, in the last few years, I had this internal “background voice” telling me that I should learn cloud technologies properly. Everything is moving to the cloud and these skills will definitely be handy. This year, I had a plan to “officially start my cloud journey” and I planned to focus on AWS in the first half of the year and Azure in the second half of the year. This will satisfy my “internal voice” and help me learn new skills and will help me have better discussions with our SD-Branch customers who are moving their services to cloud. There is so much more to learn but at least I have the first step in the right direction..

Below are 5 resources that I have used to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam

If your main goal is to pass the exam, your ultimate study resource should be the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2020 course from A CLOUD GURU. Ryan did an excellent job explaining the topics and the labs were very informative and well designed to explain the concepts. If I had to choose the single best resource, I would choose this course for sure.

However, my goal wasn’t passing the exam! My goal was to have a better understanding of the concepts and AWS offerings. I watched AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) Course” by Richard A. Jones Although this course was based on the older exam version, I believe it tackled the concepts from an engineering & design aspect which I really liked.

The third resource is definitely the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide. This book is the official self-study guide so I wouldn’t risk attempting to take the exam without reading its content! It is a well written guide indeed and its practice questions helped me discover my knowledge gaps and gave me a better idea of the exam questions.

The fourth resource is definitely some additional practice tests. I used the official Pearson Practice Tests that are available as part of O’Reilly subscription. These tests had a different flavor; I was doing them with my wife who is also preparing for this exam! We used to discuss them together and guide each other! To my wife, yes, I am not only limiting myself with my network & security focus but I am also moving towards your systems & development track!

Finally, few days before the exam I found this excellent free AWS video series! If you check the comments, it had a direct link for the “Cheat Sheets” sections for every single topic. I watched them all and I felt confident that I am now familiar with all the topics! They are indeed a great summary!

I booked the exam online and did it from my home. It was a different experience but definitely more convenient for me! A proctor from Pearson joined the session and asked me to do a “virtual tour” around my desk and in my room so he is sure that I am abiding by the exam regulations. Thankfully, I passed the exam which I consider to be very logical and fair and got this certification. My journey to cloud just started and there is more to learn and enjoy!

Hope you find this useful. Feel free to leave your comments below..

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